4650 West Sweetwater Avenue - Glendale, AZ 85304

Please complete in full as directed by "WESD Facility Use Handbook"


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7/24/2024 (two weeks notice required)

Special Requests

If selected, please fill out and attach this form - WESD Event Security Request Form
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Note:Usage during non-school days is dependent upon custodial availability. A 48 hour cancellation notice is required.

(Custodial charges are 1/2 hr. before through 1/2 hr. after use time. 2 hour minimum required.

Note: WESD Security is required for events exceeding 250 attendees.


I have read and will comply with the guidelines listed in the WESD Facility Use Handbook WESD Facility Use Handbook
I have read and will comply with AZ Concussion Law LEGAL REF: A.R.S 15-341 15-802.01 (if applicable)
I understand that a policy of General Liability Insurance coverage, with WESD listed as Additionally Insured, must be maintained during all scheduled use of WESD facilities
         Current certificate on file with WESD E-mail certificates to Molly Mullins
I understand that an invoice for all applicable fees will be e-mailed to me separately from the WESD Facility Use approval and all invoices are due upon receipt.
I understand that a $10 Late Payment Fee will be charged each month for all invoices outstanding 60 days or more.
I understand that upon final approval, the final facility use approval will be e-mailed to me as confirmation. I will print the final facility use approval e-mail and have a copy available to present during all use of the WESD facilities.
I will report safety and/or security issues such as vandalism and trespassing on school campuses, water main breaks and/or other nonlife-threatening emergencies, to the campus custodian or WESD Security at 602-347-4848. This number is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week. I also understand that in the event of an emergency, I should call 911.

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